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Are you searching for the appropriate measuring device? Our wide range of high quality meters provides both easy evaluation and professional analysis of LF and HF, and is sure to include the right device to meet your requirements.
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Have you already detected the source of radiation and are now looking for the appropriate protection?
Please have a look at our choice of protective solutions for high and low frequency radiation.
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Would you prefer to talk to us personally? No problem! Just give us a call, and we will be there for you.
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The FF6E filter is no longer available - a new filter, the FF10 with LTE is in preparation

First tests have been successful, and we expect to be able to launch it in the summer of 2014! The MK70 3Dplus 2.0 will be credited with EUR 565.25 for the FF6E which used to be part of its scope of supply

Why us?

Check out the international EMF experts´opinions about our products, please click
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Gigahertz in the News

Our Partner for North America, Safe Living Technologies Inc., Mr. Rob Metzinger, was interviewed as an EMF-expert.
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Understanding made simple by video

For video tutorials, mulitmedial product- and company presentations as well as background information about "Electrosmog" please follow the link
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